Friends of Signature Swimming was founded with one goal in mind: giving students the best, most rewarding learning experience the water. FOSS is located at Coleraine Grammar School pool. We hope it reflects the vibrant energy of the area and is inclusive for all kids and adults on the North Coast. We have a group of passionate and skilled team members that help students achieve their goals. At FOSS, our main aims are to empower students to tackle challenges of physical and mental disability and take on new experiences in the Aquatic industry.

Our primary aim at Friends Of Signature Swimming is to teach children to swim, but if we find some Olympic Champions along the way, then we will do our best to get them where they need to be. Signature Swimming offers tuition for children from the age of 3+ years. We specialise in water confidence, learning through play and stroke efficiency. We have small classes and until the children are competent all teachers are in the water enabling them to trust the teacher and gain confidence.

We believe that swimming should be accessible to all and that swimmers have the right to enjoy the class experience, so we started FOSS so we could achieve that goal to make swimming as accessible as possible to everyone. At FOSS and Signature our teachers are highly qualified with a wide range of experience enabling us to cater for children or adults with additional needs.

We are also hoping to adopt the pool and building for wheelchair users through funding applications, and we will keep you updated on our progress.