At Signature Swimming we have 4 basic levels


Beginners Non-Swimmers – These are complete beginners who have no swimming experience, fear of putting their head in the water and nervous.

ISLP – Octopus 1/2


Beginners With Confidence – This is for kids who have no fear of the water and are still learning Strokes.

ISLP – Octopus 3 – Goldfish 1-2


Improvers -This is for kids who can swim all three strokes a short distance and are building their stamina and it is an introduction to Survival Skills and Butterfly.

ISLP – Goldfish 3 – Angelfish 1-3


Advanced – This is for kids who can swim upto 25m competently in all four Strokes and are learning more advanced techniques including Competitive Starts and Turns.

ISLP – Shark/Bronze/Silver/Gold